Does your process system data reporting resemble more of a backbone or a wishbone? Have you looked at your daily operations report and wondered if the data is accurate? When your team sees this data and plans activities around it, do you sometimes wonder if they are wasting resources because their assumption the report is correct?



Let’s talk about how to take your wishbone and turn it into a backbone!

A major chemical company came to us and said they thought they had some waste in their process. As part of their normal audit they found chemical levels were lower than expected, resulting in six-figure accounting correction for cost of goods. This was eye opening but they didn’t know where to start.

What could they do to modernize this old process, while still very profitable, and fine tune their system and eliminate waste?

Armed with a new technology for a flow sensor/meter for liquid and gas, with various clamp-on types to enable stable flow rate measurement with no pipe modification.

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These devices can be used on small tubes to large pipes as well as environmental resistant and sanitary types. ASI then developed a relay control box with local inputs and outputs to the plant ERP and MES system to update the  data in these reports.

The result? They found their waste and were able to fine tune the system. Now the plant operations team can sleep easy know their team has the data they need to efficiently do their jobs and rely on the system reports.

That’s taking a wishbone and turning it into a backbone!

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