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Explosion Proof Electrical Control Panel

AmeriChem Systems, Inc. is a custom engineered, modular equipment fabricator located just outside of Chicago, Illinois. We’ve been in business 30+ years and have supplied equipment to some of the largest companies in the world. We pride ourselves on becoming the supplier of choice for corrosion resistant, custom engineered, modular process equipment.

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Our Process


Engineering /

At ASI, we are your project team — we form long-term relationships with our clients, often becoming their supplier of choice for all custom equipment applications. Our clients utilize our experience and expertise in multiple disciplines; from project management, application engineering, electrical engineering, PLC programming, CAD services, and 3D modeling. We work with you to size the system components in accordance with process application conditions (flow, pressure, temperature). We review the compatibility of materials with the process fluid, ensuring the right materials are selected for your application.


Manufacturing / Fabrication

After client approval of the drawings and documents, the project kicks-off with our experienced team of fabricators.  Code-certified welders, fabricators, electricians, and panel builders turn concepts into impeccable reality.  With in-process QC inspections throughout the fabrication stage, you can ensure that your custom-engineered system will be built in strict accordance with all drawings and industry standards.


Quality Assurance /

Our ultimate goal is dispatching “zero defect” projects from our facility. To ensure this, all fabricated equipment undergoes a strict course of quality control inspections including:

  • visual & dimensional checks
  • electrical continuity tests
  • hydrostatic leak testing
  • and full equipment functional testing.

Non-destructive examination (NDE) can also be provided in accordance with project requirements from:

  • positive material identification (PMI)
  • liquid penetrant testing (LP)
  • ultrasonic thickness testing (UT)
  • and radiographic examination (RT).

After completion and acceptance of all testing, the Client is provided with an equipment dossier, which includes: 

  • material certifications
  • calibration certificates
  • test result documentation
  • component data sheets & manuals
  • and equipment photographs.

Fast Facts

Projects completed for customers

Our tallest fabrication was 3-stories tall topping off at 32 feet


Built equipment for 14 of the top 25 EPC firms in the world

Our Team

Dan Wagner

Michael Perry
National Sales Manager

Scott Weiss
General Manager

Ed Zofkie
Director of Project Management

  • Luis Terronez CAD Operator
  • Peter Gatto CAD Operator
  • Morgan Evans Project Engineer
  • Jovan Perez Electrical Engineer
  • Steven Barach Project Engineer

Scott Nicholson
Automation Group Manager

  • Matias Garcia Controls Engineer
  • Kevin Keller Controls Engineer

Ed Davenport
Operations Manager

  • Dave Fultz Electrician
  • Sean Diederichs Fabricator
  • Joe Demkowicz Welder / Fabricator
  • Brandon Lawn Shipping & Receiving
  • Orlando Zepeda Welder / Fabricator
  • Brandon Escamilla Welder / Fabricator
  • Josh Liss Welder / Fabricator
  • Ramon Macias Shipping & Receiving
  • Brandon Marlovits Welder / Fabricator
  • Rafael Gomez Project Technician
  • Tim Davis Shipping & Receiving
  • Kevin Gilmartin Panel Shop Fabricator
  • Colin Dameron Welder / Fabricator
  • Eleazar Zetina Panel Shop Fabricator
  • Alberto Balbino Panel Shop Fabricator
  • Joey Kummer Welder / Fabricator
  • Michael Garcia Welder / Fabricator
  • Katherine Cittadino Welder / Fabricator
  • Cole Niezgoda Welder 

Andrea Fialko
Controller/HR Manager

  • Katie Mustelier Engineering Administrator
  • Shawna Gum Office Administrator

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