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High Voltage

Partnering with Knick Interface, their voltage and current transducers provide precise control for electrical measurement applications across various industries. Designed for measuring and safely isolating DC voltages up to 4800 V and converting AC voltage inputs to standard DC outputs, these high-quality transducers bring peace of mind where standard products fall short. With robust design and exceptional reliability, our solutions ensure accurate measurements and improved safety in even the most demanding environments.

High Voltage Solutions

Hydrogen Energy Storage

Americhem Systems - High Voltage Solutions Controled by Knick Interface

Voltage measurement and isolation in electrolyzers & fuel cells

Hydrogen plays a vital role in the energy transition: as a CO2-free fuel with a high energy density, hydrogen represents a great opportunity for decentralized renewable energy storage. The performance of electrolyzers that produce hydrogen using electricity from sources such as wind and solar power plants is constantly improving. Similar advancements are being made with fuel cells, which use hydrogen to produce clean electricity.  Continuous evaluation of the cells found within these systems, which are integrated in large numbers, is required to ensure maximum efficiency and process reliability. This requires fail-safe transducers that safely isolate high potentials and measure DC voltages with strong precision.

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Americhem Systems - High Voltage Solutions Controled by Knick Interface

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Refineries + Offshore Applications

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  • Hydrocarbon / Petrochemical
  • Paper Mills
  • Chemical Plants
  • Steel Manufacturing
  • Water / Wastewater Treatment
  • Heavy Industry
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing

    Food + Beverage

    • Utilities / Water Treatment
    • Meat Processing
    • Bottling / Filling

    Research + Development

    • Test Stands


    • Lab Equipment
    • Essential Oil Extraction

    Electric + Generating Plants

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    • Gas Fired
    • Coal Fired
    • Oil Fired
    • IGCC



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