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High Voltage Area Control


The Challenge:

High-voltage areas within a plant can pose a great risk to the safety of equipment and personnel if not properly monitored. Detecting these high voltage levels can prove difficult, as the hardware used must be able to accurately measure the voltage while protecting itself, personnel, and downstream components.  Many existing products on the market do not meet the requirements for properly isolating high voltages while accurately confirming safe work levels.

High Voltage Presence Detection

P52000 VPD
(Voltage Presence Detector)                                               

P45000 High-voltage transducer

Industrial, Process, and Power Plants

The Solution:

For applications where voltage detection is critical, Knick Interface’s P52000 VPD can satisfy the need. It safely isolates voltages up to 4200 V while offering a configurable input setpoint up to the 4200 V limit, down to 50 V, or anywhere between. Once the desired input voltage threshold is reached, P52000 VPD’s onboard solid-state relay sends a signal to a controller, interlock device, alarm, etc.

For applications requiring true safety certification by way of SIL 2 or SIL 3, Knick Interface’s P45000 high-voltage transducer is the correct fit.  P45000 accomplishes this task by first measuring and isolating high-voltage input signals, and then converting the value to a low-voltage output.  Similar to P52000 VPD, this output signal can be used with additional hardware to satisfy the application fully.  This could bring visibility to a high-voltage environment or ensure safe operating conditions exist before plant personnel can be present in a particular area. P45000 is certified for use in safety systems up to SIL 2 (or SIL3 can be achieved with a redundant transducer configuration employed.)

Customer Benefit:

By utilizing Knick Interface’s P52000 VPD or P45000 high-voltage transducer, peace of mind can be achieved by ensuring safe and accurate monitoring of voltage levels within critical plant floor applications.  P52000 VPD’s flexibility with selectable input settings, solid-state output, and integrated broad-range power supply makes it easy to integrate into existing systems, providing a cost-effective and reliable solution for high voltage detection. P45000 expands on this by offering electrical safety certification to SIL2 or SIL3, in a space-saving design.


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