Did you know that most companies get their process expansion projects backwards?

Here’s what I mean

Rather than start with a clear and concise scope of work that’s built on agreed upon results they are trying to achieve, they try to solve their problems with technologies and soliciting for quotes.

The output from that backwards process? Quotes that are hard to compare and selecting the wrong project partner just based on a low price!

ASI encourages our clients to spend time looking at the various outputs within your business that align with your strategic goals and come up with a scope of project that works towards that end.

Don’t be surprised if you find the time spent with all of the quote evaluations and project refinements after the fact far outweighs the time it would take to determine key KPIs and a professional scope document.

KPI Infographic Image

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Too often, “We don’t have time for that.” is an excuse not founded in reality and restricts you from doing what needs to be done.

We took a team of overworked staff and worked with them to create a scope document that then they could issue for quotes from multiple fabrication partners and receive clear quotes that were easy to evaluate.

The result? They said in an anonymous survey that their project evaluation cited an ease of quote evaluation, partner selection was a breeze, the resulting project output directly impacted their KPIs and KPI levels improved dramatically from when they began working with us. #winningtogether

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